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4 Reasons Why Mandalas are so Important in Yoga

If you’re a yogi, our Cashey Happiness Mandala series is perfect for you.

This signature line includes eight different patterns to match any personality and style. The mandala cases are gorgeous hues of blues, golds, and pinks, and promote a relaxing vibe wherever they are. Most yogis know that mandalas are an ancient, important, and spiritual symbol, but did you know there is much more to them than that?

Check out these four facts about mandalas that every yogi needs to know, then purchase a mandala iPhone case that fits your lifestyle today!

1.Mandalas are used in many different religions

Mandalas are known as a Buddhist symbol and are a popular practice in Tibetan monasteries. However, their history is more diverse than that. Mandala patterns are also common in the Hindu religion and are regularly portrayed in temples, art, and ornate henna patterns and religious rituals. Finally, Native American tribes also used mandalas to pray for blessings and protection from their gods, and symbolize their connection with the universe.

Incorporating this ancient symbol into your yoga practices and lifestyle helps connect you to the many ancient cultures and people who held the same beliefs of peace and enlightenment.


2. Mandalas are an Ancient Practice

Mandalas have been in use for over a thousand years, and are an ancient symbol that spans civilizations around the world. Most commonly, mandalas are used for meditation. For example, Buddhist monks use small brushes and tiny grains of sand to create giant colorful mandalas on the ground. While they focus on their task, they empty their mind and meditate.

Most surprisingly, after the mandalas are finished, sometimes taking weeks or months of work, the monks destroy them. This symbolizes their disconnect from material things and reminds them and us that nothing on earth is permanent.


3. Mandalas symbolize the universe

Mandalas are a symbol of the universe. The repeating patterns continue forever, just like the eternity of the universe. The different levels of the mandalas also symbolize different levels of life. The center is the inner self, the middle levels symbolize the physical world, and finally, the outer reaches stand for the spiritual realm.

Mandalas are perfect for yogis because they feature breathtaking patterns, ethereal colors, and continuing shapes, to show how the universe and humanity are all interconnected as one.


4. Mandalas Create a Sacred Space

In temples around the world, mandalas symbolize that the area is a sacred space, where the spiritual and physical world connect. That’s why in many yoga studios mandalas are used to mark them as an enlightened space and help yogis connect with both their inner self and the universe. The repeating patterns create a perfect meditation tool, and looking at mandalas helps soothe the mind and focus energy on meditation and relaxation.

Mandalas are beautiful and ancient patterns. They have been used in religions and cultures around the world, and are still an important part of many rituals today. They are essential for any yogi because they symbolize the universe, the impermanence of life, and the connection with your inner self and the spiritual realm.


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